HEA… Living the Happily Ever After

End of a Great Summer

We didn’t going anywhere thrilling this summer. We didn’t move 8 hours away. But we did have 6 weeks where our kids were with grandparents in Oklahoma! Now most would think we lived it up and gallavanted around the town. Nope. We built a gargantuan deck, built a retaining wall, and put a pool in those 6 weeks. I’m still tired and dehydrated from it! 😄 For  the record, it was HOT!!

But look at this “beaut” of a deck!

Before the kids came back my parents came down and visited for the weekend. It was their first time to see our land and now everything we are doing makes a lot more sense! Honestly, I think they came to keep us in check and make sure we were really working as hard as I claimed…. Lol

The day after they left Josh’s dad and stepmom came and returned the offspring. They stayed about a week and we explored Sunny San Leon and Galveston. Mostly we enjoyed being outside on our deck visiting!

After they left we did a lot of swimming, library visits, and began working in my classroom. Kellon spent a week entertaining my parents while Bre got the joy of being an only child. The day after he got home Josh’s mom flew in and stayed with the kids while I went back for my first week of school. So in a month’s time, we saw all the parents. Now that’s a good summer!

As I’m typing my children are snuggled in their beds and we are about to start this school year’s adventure!

Soon I won’t have a home that is so easily moved… I can’t wait to have a full sized washer and dryer and a bigger refrigerator!!!!!


It’s Been a Year

First, and most importantly, we have grass. Look at my beautiful lawn!!!! A lot had to happen to get this. Like hauling in 5 loads of dirt. I never dreamed I would spend so much money on dirt and gravel…..

In other news, as of Monday, June 27, we have been Texans for a whole year. Woo hoo!!! Here’s JJ at a rest stop on our 12 hour pilgrimage:

I’m pretty sure I’m still recovering from that move!!! We have lived in 2 RV parks and now on our own land in the great sunny San Leon. I love being able to say we are 20 minutes north of Galveston! Of course I’m not going to the beach any time soon with all the flesh eating viruses and sharks…… 

We went back to Oklahoma for Josh’s 20 year high school reunion. Everyone said he had changed a lot. I’m thinking it’s the shorter hair, no glasses, beautiful straight, white teeth, and me on his arm. 

While there I got to see Rhonda!!!!! Josh and I had breakfast with Jimmy and her. We had so much fun and it wasn’t long enough. 

We also got to see family and other friends too. 

We left the kids there with grandparents and we came back to work. Of course I’m now on summer break. Josh and I have worked our tail ends off with kids being away. We are building a 32×20 covered patio. Mind you, we are 2 people with little carpentry skills. Thank God Josh is in charge or we would have a very crooked and unlevel deck!!! I’ll show pictures when we are done.

No worries, we will be getting the kids back soon. I’ve missed them but I know they are having a ball. Our goal is to get our new swimming pool up before they get home. You might be able to see my excitement in our new project….

Thankful and Exhausted

I’m currently thankful for lots right now. We are finally on our land. No, we have no grass yet, yes, we need more dirt and gravel delivered, no I can’t keep my floors clean. But we are here and I’m loving it!!! I’m also thankful for my school family. I’m sad my entire 4th grade team is abandoning me and the principal, assistant principal, and counselor are leaving. But I’m thankful for the opportunity to meet our new principal. I’m also thankful for a fun and exhausting week. We have an amazing PE teacher that took Texas weather and still accomplish water day and field day . 

I might most be thankful I have a day off tomorrow. I’ll take Kellon to the doctor first thing in the morning then I’ll get my hair done. Aaahhhh….. I can hardly wait!

This makes all the mud worth it. 😊

We Moved! But First We Camped On the Street…..

We have been ready to move to our land for over a week, but the last 30 feet of the road has been too muddy to pull our trailer through. The county said they would bring us gravel Thursday or Friday. We went out there Thursday after work and of course there was no gravel. But we decided the road was dry enough. We made a last minute decision to move Thursday night. 

Woo hoo! We are moving!!!

It was all good until we got on 22nd Street (our street)! There were some power lines that were a little low. My Superman husband made it work and it looked like we had this. And we totally did. Until we got stuck. In the mud. Josh tried again and then broke the news we would be camping on 22nd street Thursday night. If you can only imagine how much this blew Kellon’s mind……. I was the one trapped in the car with him……

We were so close, yet so far.

Josh took off work and after a lot of hassle and money spent on gravel we had to buy, we are finally the there!!!!

All of us are loving it. We still have lots to do and many dreams for it but are enjoying coming home to our own space. It’s a dream come true, a dream I didn’t even know I had. 

It was a great way to spend Mothers Day weekend. Of course I missed seeing my mom. She was a wonderful woman to learn from and be loved by. My crazy life doesn’t even seem to faze her. I love when she tells me how she loves hearing me happy. The feeling is mutual! Love you mom!!!!

Happy 9th Birthday Kellon!!

9 years ago my life changed forever. A sweet, stubborn,thought he he would never sleep, boy came into my world. I prayed to God to bring me the child I should raise and he delivered me Kellon.

This boy cracks us up. He’s spunky, quirky, and walks to the beat of his own drum. He doesn’t like to make anyone mad. In fact, I’ve been proud of him lately when I hear him stand up for himself. I see so much of me in him. It helps us drive Josh crazy! 

We laughed last night watching him lead us to the bike section of Walmart. He was so excited he didn’t know what to do with his hands! Sometimes while he’s walking he twirls for no reason. On a trip Josh bet me he would twirl 3 times before we got to the elevator. 1,2,3. I lost that bet! Lol

For a kid who doesn’t like change and is sensitive, he’s handled gaining a new family and moving to a new state wonderfully. I’m very proud of how he’s doing in school. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him. 

We Have Water!!!!!

I know everyone has been on pins and needles waiting to find out if we got water put in at our land. We turned in our application and money to them on February 8. We were told 6-8 weeks. When the deadline came and went we were told excuse after excuse after excuse. My sweet principal even contacted the president of the water department and she got the run around with them! 

Josh and I decided to go the the monthly water meeting on Tuesday night. Josh had gone 2 months ago and told me they could get interesting. He Was totally right. We made sure not to mention we would be living in an RV, at least for awhile. Those people really don’t like RVers!! Anyway, we told them we were there to find out about our water. The superintendent of the water tried to act innocent in front of the president and promised it would be in the following morning. Josh and I truly didn’t believe him because they don’t work when it rains. It poured the next morning. But lo and behold, we had water after it stopped raining. I’m pretty sure I saw a pig fly past my room when I found out!!!! 

After the flooding rains we had we now know where we need more dirt and we need LOTS of gravel. We have to wait for the ground to dry up before we can do anymore work. So hopefully next weekend we can move. 

Since we couldn’t do much work this weekend we took the kids to see “Miracle From Heaven”. It was such a good movie and gave me a little different outlook this week. Many times this week the idea of miracles have been rolling through my head. Especially as friends have lost loved ones this week, any issues we have had seem quite minor. 

I’m sure looking forward to summer, sending (I mean letting) the kids spend time with grandparents, and hopefully finding a beach that is not Galveston to spend time with the hubby.  


Just Need Water!!!

First, so much to love in this picture. The rainbow, our fence, palm trees. So much wonderfulness!!! We worked our rear ends off this weekend. We hired a guy to trench for our electric, water, and sewer. The fun part is when the dirt kept falling back into the trench. So then it all got to be redug by shovel. I managed to miss out on that and got to use my tractor (we call her Miss Sexy) to clear more of the land. There is so much satisfaction seeing the big pile of stuff cleared and put in a pile.

Today we layed all the electric and got it hooked up. Today I got to help dig. I told Josh my profile on the online dating site didn’t mention I like manual labor!! We are ready to move. BUT……. The city of San Leon keeps telling us (for 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!) that our water will be in the next day. We so badly wanted to move this weekend. I got to pay another week to stay in this RV park and have high hopes for next weekend. I’m ready to have a permanent place to call home. We are so close!!!

In other news, this week begins the 4 week review before testing. It’s so frustrating because I know these kids have been taught everything, I know most have given it all this year. It makes me sad the pressure we feel as teachers and I know the kids feel it too. The tests don’t show the students whose behavior has improved, the ones who have learned to control themselves, the ones who can now subtract with borrowing (finally), and so on. Students are more than a test. Teachers are more than a test. I am more than a test. This is my philosophy the next 4 weeks while we review!

1 Week Later

So it’s been exactly 1 week since we had to put Miss Furry down. I’m not used to her being gone. That silly cat has slept every night with (on!) me for 16 years. In the big scheme of things, knowing what other friends are enduring, it’s extremely trivial. But she was a friend, a confidant, and she listened and only meowed back. 😊


In other news, our land was supposed to have water last Thursday. Then they changed it to Monday. Then Tuesday. Then today. Now tomorrow!!!! But we do have electric. Woo hoo!!!!

We have had loads of fun playing (working) on our new tractor. We have been clearing our land and will be moving dirt. I’ve had a blast learning how to use it.


AND…. 40 school days left. Woo hoooooooo!!!!

3 Day Weekend, Then Monday….

We had a great 3 day weekend. The kids and I were out for Good Friday and Josh took off. Because being a teacher has so many financial perks (HA!) I could get in free to The Space Center and save $5 on each other guest. So we took advantage of it. Josh and I had been on one of our visits last spring when I had an interview, but the kids hadn’t been. We had a blast! I don’t think the kids were quite as impressed as I thought they would be. But we realized that growing up we watched numerous shuttle launches and returns. We remember the first pictures from the Hubble telescope. Of course I thought I’d be living on Mars by now! None the less, it was a good Family Fun Day!

We also tried a new church for Easter. I love Easter. I love the meaning of it. I love I can force my family to look pretty and take pictures! We enjoyed a wonderful lunch from our grill. 



And then came Monday…. We thought we would have progress on our electric at our land. We thought we would have water taps. We thought we might be able to move in 2 weeks… That’s what we get for thinking! 😢

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